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A tour with your private driver to discover the Athabaska farm, sustainable agriculture and breeding. Work-life in ATHABASKA is a "return to origins", based as much as possible on the self-production of food, on the rediscovery of ancient crafts (processing of llama and alpaca wool, woodworking), and on a deep contact with our animals.

Departure from the hotel and after about an hour arrival at the farm Athabaska of S. Lorenzo d'Orsino. Maurizio and Lorenzo are waiting for you to get to know their animals!

Here at the farm, each has his name, his personality and his habits and they will accompany you to discover the llama and alpaca breeding, you will get to know the Scottish cow and his partner Rendena, the donkeys, Gretel the Thai pig with the his little ones, the various poultry and of course the alaskan husky dogs! 

At lunch you can appreciate the farm's products: tasting with cold cuts and cheeses, fresh vegetables from the garden and delicious homemade desserts.

In the afternoon you can choose from a donkey trekking, a trekking blade during which you will have to take care of your blade or a dog trekking walking in the woods with your puppy, an experience that can turn into an indelible memory of friendship with the dog!


  • Departure hours 09:00 from your hotel (in the Trento area).
  • Arrival hours 10:00 in Loc. Deggia - S. Lorenzo d'Orsino and start of business.
  • hours 12:30 tasting at Athabaska farm
  • after lunch, trekking with the animals (an activity of your choice and subject to availability)
  • at the end return to the hotel.

What is included in the tour

  • Full day at the farm with the planned activities
  • Tasting lunch at the farm with their products
  • Transfers and tolls
  • Travel insurance

What is excluded from the tour

Cost of the tour

  • Pax for 1/3 people € 500
  • Pax for 3/5 people € 700
  • Pax for 5/8 people € 900
The technical organization of our Tours is by the Travel Agency Bolgia Srl 
Piazza Dante 23 - 38122 Trento
PI 00487150229 - Provincial authorization 733 / AG
Pol. Of Ass. RC UNIPOL ASSICURAZIONI n. 1/75910/319/100947948

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