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Food and wine excellence of the Trentino lands.


To celebrate the mastery of winemakers and honor the ancient wine tradition of the area, a brand was created, the TRENTODOC, which recognizes the excellence of local sparkling wine production in the world. But the whole "vine chain", from white to red wines, from holy wine to grappa, lives here its apotheosis of aromas and flavors that beautifully accompany typical dishes of game and lake fish, but also reworkings in a modern key of specialties of the alpine tradition.

We could tell you how the unique flavor of a wine like Nosiola is born, explain the origin of the Holy Wine, go on to describe the distillation procedure of our grappas but you will always miss one thing: tasting.

The most important event of the year is represented by “Bollicine su Trento” - the last week of November and the first two of December - dedicated to the world of Trentino bubbles with cultural events and combinations of classic method sparkling wine (Trentodoc) and menus of territory.

Contact us, we will be happy to organize tours to the mountain hut with tasting of typical local products from Trentino and tours to wineries.

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