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A Tour with your private driver to discover the Melinda World with a visit to the Golden Theater and the underground Caves. An adventurous walk in the Rio Bianco Canyon will accompany you to discover swirling waters, waterfalls and potholes of the giants, fossils, stalactites and stalagmites ...

Departure from the hotel and after half an hour arrival at the visitor center of the Melinda Consortium where you can satisfy your curiosity about apples, cultivation methods and processing phases. Plus, you can enjoy a virtual journey to discover the only apple in the world preserved in underground tunnels. The underground cells: a masterpiece of ingenuity and sustainability; there is no place where our apples are as good as under the roots of the trees from which they were born, on which they grew and became Melinda. Melinda products can be purchased.

Lunch at the restaurant From Nerina to Romeno where the kitchen is managed directly by the Di Nuzzo family. The use of high quality raw materials (often produced on their own), the search for local and national dishes, allows you to vary the culinary offer, combining it with the wines of the Trentino and non-Trentino farms. Particular care in first courses and desserts, given the Neapolitan influence of dad Francesco. For main courses, the use of meats reared and slaughtered in the Valley guarantees authenticity and freshness. Salami and cheeses, always local, enrich the offer of the restaurant.

Transfer to Fondo to visit the Rio Sass Canyon.


This is the Cross-country canyon, deep ravine that cuts the important center of theUpper Val di Non. Since 2001 it is practicable thanks to walkways and ladders, to discover whirling waters, waterfalls and potholes of giants, fossils, stalactites and stalagmites…


A difference in altitude of 145 meters, 1200 steps: 2 hours of emotions. An exciting experience that requires some small precautions: with the protective helmet and cape provided by the organization, everything will be ready for the guided tour to discover a fascinating world!


They play with the ravines and with the splendid vegetation present in the final part. The water under the walkway flows at varying depths and the Rio Sass sinks in certain points up to 45-50 meters. The distance between the two walls also varies, from a minimum of 25 centimeters to about 30 meters, with colonies of red and green algae that tint the rocks with sudden flames.


  • Departure hours 10:30 from your Hotel (in the Trento area)
  • Arrival hours 11:15 Sign and visit of the Melinda World with tasting
  • hours 12:30 lunch at Ristorante da Nerina
  • hours 14.00 guided tour of the Rio Sass Canyon
  • hours 17:00 visit and tasting at the Rotary Cellars
  • I'm going back to the hotel.

What is included in the tour

  • Visit to the Melinda World and the Golden Theater
  • Guided excursion to the Rio Sass Canyon
  • Visit with tasting at the Rotary Cellars
  • Toll
  • Travel insurance

What is excluded from the tour

  • Lunch at the Nerina restaurant

Cost of the tour

  • Pax for 1/3 people € 400
  • Pax for 3/5 people € 470
  • Pax for 5/8 people € 630
The technical organization of our Tours is by the Travel Agency Bolgia Srl 
Piazza Dante 23 - 38122 Trento
PI 00487150229 - Provincial authorization 733 / AG
Pol. Of Ass. RC UNIPOL ASSICURAZIONI n. 1/75910/319/100947948

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